4 Common Illness Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

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4 Common Illness Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

It seems most people these days are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We are eating right, trying to exercise on a regular basis, watching our weight, monitoring our blood pressure and other health factors.

Sometimes, however, we may be ignoring symptoms that could be warnings about a more serious health concern. Healthcare news is chock full of information about staying healthy, but how about knowing and understanding when something may be wrong.

Here are four symptoms that, should they occur, should not be ignored.

Weight Loss
While weight loss is something a lot of people are trying to achieve, a rapid loss of a lot of weight can be a signal of other issues. If you lose more than 10 percent of your total body weight over a six-month period you should consult a physician.

High or Persistent Fever
Fevers may be an indicator of hidden infections, some of which can be serious such as tuberculosis or urinary tract infections.

Shortness of Breath
This symptom can be a sign of pulmonary disease, asthma, pneumonia, blood clots in the lung or other respiratory or cardiac problems. If you are unable to get breathe without wheezing or you are gasping, you should seek medical care immediately.

Changes in Bowel Habits
While these habits vary from person to person, if you experience anything unusual such as lingering constipation (more than three weeks, diarrhea that lasts more than a week, bloody stools or odd colored stools, consult a physician. These changes can be indicators of infections, parasitic infestation, cancer or other serious problems.