High Fat and Cholesterol Linked to Erectile Dysfunction

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High Fat and Cholesterol Linked to Erectile Dysfunction

It seems like just about everything is unhealthy these days! Some studies suggest that too much dairy is not good for you, while others suggest having a glass of milk every day is an essential part of staying healthy. For many that are overweight, diets have become more and more common as people try to shed those unwanted pounds. Did you ever think the wrong diet could contribute to impotence in some men?

Recent studies suggest the Atkins diet, a very popular method of losing weight, has been linked with impotence. Essentially, the Atkins diet is high in fat and cholesterol. For some men, this means the diet increases their blood pressure, increases cholesterol levels, and contributes to angina. These health factors can mean increased levels of erectile dysfunction.

For many, the solution to their erectile dysfunction means they buy Viagra online. While Viagra might offer a temporary solution, it masks what’s really going on with the body and often times creates further problems for those suffering with real and serious health problems.

There is no easy way to lose weight, but the best remedies are still proper diet and exercise. Finding a balance with your eating habits and avoiding excess portions is an important factor for weight management. Exercise is also necessary, and finding something you enjoy that burns calories can be a great way to stay away from more serious problems at a later age. Before you make any changes, consult your family doctor. Your health and sexual health could depend on it.