Men Can “Pause” Like a Woman

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Men Can “Pause” Like a Woman

Did you know that men can suffer from hot flashes like woman? It’s true. Although it’s not considered menopause for men, it is sometime a condition that can happen to a man midpoint in his life.

Some of the cases of male hot flashes are caused by, but not limited to:

  • Tumors caused by cancer
  • Infections such as HIV/AIDS
  • Hormonal Changes at middle age
  • Reaction to foods or medication prescribed

Some of the sings that a male is having a hot flash is that he will start to have a burning sensation in the face and it will spread to the rest of his body. This can happen for a matter of seconds to a minute. Thus, a male might experience rashes on the face and excessive sweating. Other changes are headaches, dehydration and dizziness that are associated in body temperature change as well as lack of sleep from the flashes interfering. Symptoms could last for a short period and never return. Often, they stay around and could get worse if untreated.

Some of the ways to help with this condition is to be checked out by a doctor to see the root of what’s causing the flashes. There are some medications that can be prescribed to help deal with the hormonal changes. Other ways to deal with it are to drink plenty of water. This will help with excess water that is lost during sweating. At night, be sure to keep a window cracked for air and drink a glass of water before bed. Try to avoid stress that will raise your blood presser and interfere with you hormonal level.